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Transform all your address details to a short unique name

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Transform all your address details to a short unique name

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  • Addresses as they are today, are too long and complex.
  • Online search for any place returns multiple confusing results.
  • Some countries, cities and areas don’t have a proper addressing system.
  • The world doesn't have a unified addressing system.
  • Customers addresses are incomplete, incorrect & unverified.
  • Continues Increase in delivery service cost because of addresses.
  • Huge revenue loss in E-commerce business because of faulty addresses.
  • Customer bad experience and dissatisfactions because of late delivery.

The result is stress individuals go through to share their GPS coordinates or URL with friends and clients, And for online & delivery businesses they lose a big chunk out of their revenues due to wrong, incomplete and customers' addresses.


  • Personalize your address by giving it a short unique name.
  • Simplify your complicated address details and directions with LocName.
  • living in a place with no address?! create your own address with LocName.
  • Share your location quickly with friends using LocName.
  • Create an address book for your favorite and frequently visited places.
  • Address form simplifier to capture accurate customers addresses.
  • Reports that provide all the needed information for optimized delivery.
  • Web & Mobile delivery tracking system.
  • Offline batch data cleansing and validation.

LocName a new Global Addressing System (GAS) that will eliminate the need for long standard addresses.

A set of solutions that aims to simplify addresses by giving them short unique names and provide businesses with solutions to optimize address capturing and delivery process. .


We dream big here at LocName.

We want to introduce a new GAS "global addressing system" and replace all addresses with LocNames. We will remove the word “address” from the dictionary and replace it with “LocName.” - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ‘One day we'll just have LocNames and addresses will disappear’ Mourad Alashry, LocName CEO



CEO & Founder


Business Dev Manager


Senior Mobile Developer


Product Manager


Senior Web Developer


UI/UX Designer


Web & Mobile Developer

Abdel Sadek

Web & Mobile Developer

Our Mentors

Abdullah Assal - Founder & CEO

Mattia Perroni

Jumia Egypt - CoFounder

Mohamad Mourad

Google - Managing Director Middle
East & North Africa