LocName has developed an API for websites to capture their users' addresses easily and accurately using LocName's technology.

LocName’s API removes lengthy forms and replaces them with one single field, enhancing customer experience and reducing the amount of returned goods.

Benefits of the LocName API:

Simple Process

Filling out just one field means shorter checkout times for the customer.

Details Auto filled

By writing in their LocName, the customers' address details will be auto filled to your system.

Verified Address

LocName provides information on verified addresses based on previous customer experience.

Saving Old Data

Participate in the LocName community to receive historical details about your customer, location and verification of address.


Confirm your customers' addresses by obtaining their exact location on the map.

By joining LocName so early on, you can enjoy many perks like free membership and potentially a long-term investment with LocName.

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